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The 'Sportive' Routes: 100k and 50k

If you are unfamiliar with PLOTAROUTE, please take a look through our tips below

Hit the above map images to open interactive maps in Plotaroute -  sorry, you may need to scroll past some ads!  There is also a 25km Family Rid... click on the 'Winckle's Whirl' link below to open.


Click/tap the above image to open full

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copy of our Event Poster in A4 size

Station cafe.jpg


Most of our photos are of ACG club members who have participated in the 100km ride in recent years.


They have been featured before but we hope they will help in giving newcomers an insight into how wonderful an event this is!


We are unable to feature all of the clubs and individual riders who have taken partover the years, and our selection does not appear in chronological order.  To view them, click/tap on the above photo.

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