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Please note that this page focusses on our leisure group rides... aka the 'B' rides.


For those looking for something a little more challenging, there is often a longer/hillier ride (the 'A' group), also starting from outside the Pringle store at Llanfairpwll, but at the earlier time of 09:30.

The 'A' rides are not covered here, however, they are often pre-announced by Richard Meadows on our club's Facebbook page, with a brief post-ride report and photos also put up by some of the other participants.

Weather permitting, there is a 'B' ride that starts from outside the Pringle store in Llanfairpwll at 10:00 on most Sundays all year round - but please also check our Facebook page for all latest updates by clicking HERE.

Ideal for newcomers/beginners (also to the fitter /  competitive cyclist looking for a bit of a rest from hammering it all of the time), as we try to keep to a leisurely 13-15 mph average pace. No one gets left behind! We achieve this through having frequent regroup stops...
including the traditional Sunday café stop!

ESSENTIALS: Please always carry plenty to drink (you
can easily dehydrate... even in cold weather) and some energy bars/gels etc., as well as some money for a light snack/cuppa at a café stop. Punctures are always a problem, so spare inner tubes/puncture repair kit and pump are all 'must-bring-along' items!

              For more  on  ESSENTIALS, plus a highly recommended  INSURANCE  cover, please read this... 

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photo albums from our
2021 sunday rides...

All cover photos in this section are linked to albums containing more photos. Click/tap on any photo to

enter its respective album

Routes and other data for all the rides can be seen in Garmin Connect via links from the next section below














Data for all rides shown above can be seen in

Garmin Connect via the links below.

For all up to date/latest info. regarding planned/proposed rides etc., please keep an eye on our Facebook page HERE

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